TDNet’s mission is to be trusted partners of global library and information centers for serving their users smartly and efficiently.

Since 2001, TDNet has been revolutionizing how information is distributed and consumed. Our experience and understanding of user needs helps customers to reduce their administrative workload, simplify information discovery and focus on serving their patrons.

TDNet helps libraries and information centers achieve their goals and fulfill their daily tasks. We are committed to service excellence and go the extra mile for you. You benefit from our expertise and knowledge - we quickly customize a system that accommodates your needs.

Our Team

We take over a lot of the work, saving both time and expenses. 

TDNet’s team is dedicated to meeting the needs of individual libraries, knowledge centers and IT organizations in companies, hospitals and consortia. As the leading provider of highly flexible, information technology solutions for libraries and knowledge centers that’s part of the Teldan Group, we have customer services around the globe and our own R&D group in Tel Aviv.

Our team combines technology and content together as a service. We employ information specialists, content experts, DBAs, programmers, industry experts, technical support and professional services experts to support a range of customers from various industries with global coverage.

Our partners ensure the latest, best technology solution is in your hands. We partner with content providers, software providers, resellers, agents, distributors, business and technology leaders globally to ensure the best solution and service for each customer. With TDNet, you have the technology, content and services that you need in one place.