Get greater precision to enrich research and ensure compliance in your global information center

TDNet’s consortia solutions for multi-site and consortia organizations take the pain out of running your global library with sophisticated and flexible discovery, portal and authentication options. With its unique capabilities to create both group and multisite configurations, TDNet provides ideal solutions for multinational organizations and corporations.

How we help?

Using our deep multitier and multisite know-how, TDNet customizes the right technology and services for your information sharing needs.

The complex internal and multi-site structure of parliamentary libraries, national banks, government ministries or departments and large international institutions makes maintaining a library very technically and financially challenging. They need to ensure both group and individual access to resources. TDNet government and consortia solutions help customers manage the complexity and sophistication of these challenges.

What we do?

TDNet enables sharing of resources, metadata and administrative data flexibly and in an agile manner.

  • Multiple collections management
  • Parent and child sites
  • Extensive customization options
  • Use via a web service/API
  • SUSHI statistics 

How your organization benefits?

TDNet’s professional services team ensures that your needs are met including:

  • Multi-level management – for vendor contacts, licenses, subscription status and renewals
  • Customized electronic resource management (ERM) – built on TDNet’s experience in integration consortium solutions since 2000
  • Tiered products – flexibly shared resources, metadata and administrative data throughout the organization dynamically
  • Group acquisition of e-Resources
  • Access rights defined by user groups – easily view and access only the metadata and content subscribed to and individual tracking and billing
  • Resources managed in decentralized manner
  • Sophisticated tracking – of holdings and acquisitions of each individual member, as well as of the consortium as a whole for analytics