Library portals

Boost Your Library Success with our Modern Library Portal Experience and Feature-Rich Workflow

TDNet’s Library Portal is a modern library-specific content management system (CMS) that’s easy for librarians to create, manage and control for maximum IT independence and customization flexibility. Librarians enjoy the freedom of the feature-rich, plug-and-play interface and readily available TDNet vendor support for customizing the library portal to specific workflow, branding, delivery and content page layout needs.

  • Easy Content Management and Customization - With TDNet’s extensive customization, flexible branding options and comprehensive content pages and widgets framework, librarians easily provide users the library information, services and content they need in the way that works for them with the right content, news exposure and increased multi-lateral interaction with their users’ community
  • Library Specific Content Pages and Widgets - TDNet’s Library Portal enables creation and population of content pages with internal and external information with its rich gallery of library specific widgets
  • Easy Administration for IT Independence – Our Library Portal makes user authorization and access easy to manage and control for pages and widgets. In addition, extensive usage metrics are easily accessible for pages, users and locations on any device
  • Extensive Usage Metrics and Reporting – With TDNet’s Library Portal, librarians receive important insights about specific content that interests each user, page and widget usage, geographical location and more. Usage metrics reveal tacit information and help librarians to fine-tune the services they provide to their users’ community.

With TDNet, it’s easy to upgrade from a basic Discovery Search Portal to a Modern Library-Specific Portal for User-Specific Content needs

Access All Library Services from ONE Place on ANY Device

IT independence: With TDNet, there’s no need for IT, technical or Sharepoint knowledge. The TDNet Library Portal provides a simple way to deliver a customized, online library portal experience. TDNet’s library-specific content management system (CMS) is flexible so librarians can deliver a personalized experience for users with expert support always available from the TDNet team.

A Library-Specific Full Service Solution: With TDNet, you can finally showcase your content and services with the right information to the right people. The TDNet Library Portal combines all the information about your content, services, tools and more together with powerful, customizable access to your collections, including world-leading discovery and linking solutions.


TDNet makes the technology simpler for you.

  • Integrate an IT independent library or information portal with or without your corporate intranet
  • Implement user-specific features with feature-rich library-specific plug-and-play functionalities, widgets, workflows and services
  • Add video and rich media for training and real-time news and social feeds
  • Extensive customization capabilities for layouts, widgets, branding, CSS and Javascript with custom portal views based on the profile of a patron
  • Easy administration of user profiles, management and control
  • Usage analytics
  • Third-party integrations for single sign on, document delivery solutions and complete API support for full interoperability


Our experience with hundreds of world-leading academic, corporate, biomedical, and government organizations can help you:

  • Integrated technology, service and content solutions for better portal
  • Feature-rich portal and extensive customization capabilities
  • Maintain your corporate brand or add your own style
  • Increase visibility of all the assets and subscriptions available
  • Easy online access to all resources with one sign on
  • Easy management and control
  • Easy usage analytics reporting